Machine Shop

"State of the art" equipment, expert machinists, quality, reasonable
pricing and pride keep us busy year around and the reputation created from three generations of excellent service, speaks for itself. Classic restorations, Import perfomance, Diesel truck, American Iron.
We work on virtualy all type of engines, and we do it Right.
Regardless of the type of work you need done, you can always expect nothing less than the best...the staff.


Provided below is a list of commonly performed services.


        Magnaflux Crack Detection
        Valve seat grind
        Valve Guide Replacing
        Valve Oversizing
        Valve Guide Bronze Sleeving
        Valve Seat Inserts
        Valve Seat Grinding
        Valves Refaced
        Valve seals
        Performance angle milling of cylinder heads
        Screw-in studs
        Spring Pressure Test and Replace
        Cylinder Head Facing All Types

        Magnaflux Crack Detection
        Counterbores Recut in Cylinder Block
        Cylinder Block Refacing
        Cylinder Liner Removal & replacement Service
        Main Bearing Line Honing
        Main Bearing Cap Replacement
        Cylinder Boring
        Cylinder Hone
        2 to 4 bolt Main Conversions
        Cam Bearings
        Freeze Out Plugs Replacement

        Magnflux Crack Detection
        Crankshaft straightening
        Restoration of damaged journals
        Crankshaft Grinding, Polishing
        Hi Performance Offset Grinding & Polishing
        Superb Balancing

        Magnaflux crack detection
        Ring Gapping
        Piston Resurfacing
        Pistons Fitted To Connecting Rods
        Wrist pins Floated
        Piston Balance
        Rod Balance
        Rods Straightened
        Connecting Rod Housings Resized

Miscellaneous Machining/Services

        Axle King Pins
        Lathe Work
        Broken Bolt Removal
        Mechanical Assembling
        Crack Detection
        Glass beading/Sand Blasting
        Hot Tank Washing
        Thermal Cleaning
        Hi Temperature Paint Coatings
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